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With The Ever After Band, it's not just about playing notes. It's about making magic. We are committed to creating a genuine emotional connection between people and music, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Rich Genoval

The ever after band wedding band new jersey ever after wedding band new york

Music Director, Lead Vocalist, Keyboards, COFFEE SNOB

One of my earliest memories as a child is sitting with my grandma, watching vintage Victor Borge and Liberace concerts on TV. Their masterful performances transcended the music - rather it was a lesson in passion, showmanship, and entertainment. These were some of my first experiences with the transformative power of music. Those maestros stirred an excitement within me that would one day shape my career.

Not long after, my father, a gifted singer who commanded the stage, began sneaking me backstage at his nightclub shows. I'd bear witness to the electric energy that filled the room. Whether he had an entire crowd dancing with joy, or was moving them to tears during a heartfelt ballad, he showed me the genuine emotional connections that a performer can forge.

Inspired by these experiences, I found my calling.

Today, as I take the stage with my own band, I get to live out my purpose: to create unforgettable musical experiences that resonate on a deep, emotional level. Being able to authentically emulate hundreds of iconic artists, we can deliver a truly one-of-a-kind experience that is all designed for one thing: elevating your emotions. It is my honor to dedicate myself to this journey, and to you, by delivering a personalized performance that touches your soul, unites your guests, and moves your body.


Get to know

One of my favorite things to do is cook. Flavor literally is the essence of life!

Proud dad of a sweet & lovely lab/hound named Coraline.



My happy place is Newport, Rhode Island.

Loving husband to Cat - our charismatic female vocalist!



I have lived in Las Vegas, Spain, New York, and San Diego and am currently back in my home state of NJ!


I believe one can never own too many keyboards. My dear wife would disagree.







Paul was born and raised in Cork, Ireland but knows the most about American history in the group by far.


Cat is a renowned improv comedian, songwriter, dancer, and actor. And married to Rich - lucky guy!


Kevin has quite the green thumb; maintaining a beautiful vegetable garden at home. His homemade ghost pepper pickles are to die for.





Nick founded The Promise Music Festival, dedicated to benefitting children’s hospitals by raising money through music festivals around the world.


Johnny is also an amazing cook, and has a 100 year old family ravioli recipe that will knock your socks off.


The EAB's newest member, Zack has been blessed with the gift to talk non-stop all day, and all night. He's got a fun take on just about anything, especially high-end music gear.





In addition to playing with The EAB, touring the world with legends and being on dozens of hit records Fred is also a beloved public school educator.


Bill has legit perfect pitch. Play a note - any note - and he can name it instantly.


Anthony is an amazing cook, and often treats the band to his mind-blowing bolognese.

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