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Q: Can you walk me through your booking process?

Q: What do you wear at a performance?

Absolutely! We know you have a lot to plan, so we keep our booking process simple with our 3-Steps to Celebrate system:

Step 01: Reach out to us and tell us a little about your vision.

Step 02: Review your needs together and create a customized entertainment plan that perfectly suits your vision.

Step 03: Seal the deal with just a few clicks in your digital dashboard where you can instantly access your contract, payment and our interactive EAB Music Planning Form – we'll be celebrating in no time!

The EAB is wardrobe-conscious. Like The Grammys meets The Oscars, formal, chic, sophisticated, and hip, the EAB is always dressed to the nines.

Q: When do we tell you our favorite songs?

The fun really starts around 8 weeks prior to your event. You will receive access to your own interactive, customized EAB Planning Form via email. In just a few minutes online, you can enter all the songs you'd love to hear from your Ceremony through your Reception. Once your form is completed and returned, we'll take it from there and do our magic.

Q: Will you learn new songs?

Absolutely. We will happily learn any First Dance or Parent Dance requests. We understand these songs are personal to you, and may not have been a popular radio hit. We also include an additional request list on your EAB Planning Form where we get to really dig in to your tastes and favorite songs, styles and artists!

Q: Do you provide music for wedding ceremonies or cocktail receptions?

Yes! We offer amazing add-ons to our EAB collections to enrich both your Ceremony and Cocktail Hour. With add-on DJ Packages, Live Soloists, Acoustic Ensembles and even Mic/Sound packages for your Officiant, you'll have all the options you need at your fingertips to design your perfect musical experience.

Q: Can you provide specialty, religious, or ethnic music varieties?

Oh absolutely. We strive to accommodate everyone's traditions. In fact, our lead singer, Rich, can sing in over a dozen languages. With the uncanny ability to masterfully perform songs in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, German, Nigerian, Korean and more... we make sure everyone feels welcome to celebrate with us.

Q: Can you provide proof of insurance?

Yes. The Ever After Band is covered with a $1M Certificate of Event Liability Insurance.

Common Band

Q: I'm worried a band may not offer as much variety as a dj.

Q: I'm worried bands are just too loud!

This is a sad fact that is not exclusive to just live music. In fact, it can be a reality for all event entertainment both live and DJ alike. And we share your concern.

Rest assured – we keep this in mind at every event, regardless of size. The Ever After Band is well aware that your event is NOT a concert at Madison Square Garden, and frankly... it's not all about us. We know we are there to enrich and elevate your event. And that includes the health and comfort of all your guests.

We have invested a significant amount of time (and money) toward selecting and designing only the highest quality sound equipment which allows us to play 'for the room'.

We understand that while most guests want to get up and party, some prefer to sit and catch up with people they may not have seen in years. Our highly trained sound crew has struck the perfect balance os 'show' and 'atmosphere' to let the dance floor really feel the music, while allowing those at their tables to enjoy one another's company. No ringing ears. Only tired feet.

If this is still a concern for you, just send us your floor plan and we will provide the best sound solution for you.

While it's true many bands can only offer a limited repertoire, The Ever After Band has grown their song database to over 6,000 popular songs from every genre and era! If you do that math, and add the Top 40 charts over the last 60 years, that gives you 2,400 hit songs – a fraction of what we can actually play with amazing authenticity.

We use this repertoire as one of our greatest tools in guiding the energy and flow of the event, making sure everyone on your guest list, young and old, regardless of taste, feels seen and welcome to join the fun.

Q: I'm worried a band will play cheesy line dances all night!

Crowd-reading expertise is key to the success of any music performance. Just read our reviews, our happy couples will attest. The truth is, whether you select a Band or DJ, the level of understanding of the client's needs is paramount.

In our immersive Consultation and EAB Music Planning stages, we will dive deep to get to know your tastes on a personal level. This not only includes music you love, but also music you'd rather not hear. An experienced, high-quality entertainer knows immediately which songs will get everyone going without having to resort to the Chicken Dance, if that does not reflect the personality of the client. (By the way, we're not judging you if it does!)

The ever after band wedding band new jersey ever after wedding band new york

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