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Not all live music is created equal.

The Ever After Band redefines the live music experience by combining high energy dance songs of the past and the hits of today with breathtaking authenticity... all designed to elevate your event and entertain your guests on a whole new level.



Our mission in The Ever After Band is to elevate your event by bringing families and loved ones together with a one of a kind live entertainment experience.

Having toured the world performing over 2,000 live events, I have learned what it takes to make an event successful on a grand scale. By touching all of your senses and infusing your experience with style, close attention to detail, and the industry’s top talent, your event will become more than another evening out; it will become part of your story.

Your event is an opportunity to create moments that become memories, and it is with deep honor that I dedicate myself to these moments, and to you.

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The EAB is a luxury event band lead by Rich Genoval. We focus on our clients’ unique personalities, tastes and love of music to make your emotional moments more memorable. Elevate, Enhance and Entertain is a motto this energetic and elegant supergroup has used to fuel their performances and connect to their audiences.

Planning an event is a lot of work, and we know how important it is for you to give your guests the time of their lives. You want to see people dancing the night away and have them leave talking about your event for years to come.

At The Ever After Band, we believe world-class entertainment is the key, and it takes a special combination of ingredients to make that happen: talent, expertise, and passion. With these ingredients combined, a musical experience you’ll never forget is created.

This one-of-a-kind event band delivers an astonishing variety of high energy dance songs from the past to the hits of today with a unique and breathtaking authenticity. A lot of bands can play a variety of music, but with The EAB, you’re not just getting the songs. You’re getting a unique variety of voices and stylistic accuracy that genuinely distinguishes, say, Stevie Wonder from Garth Brooks and everyone in between! It is this attention to detail that makes the show extra special because we truly believe you deserve something extra special.

This is The EAB Standard.



What you're choosing when you choose The EAB: something different.

What if your band not only sounded great - but sounded exactly like the original artist, capturing the very essence of the original singer who made the song a hit?

An accomplished musical impressionist, our lead singer, Rich Genoval, delivers note-perfect impressions of hundreds (yes, hundreds) of your favorite iconic vocalists so accurately, you'll hardly believe it's real. But it is.

Imagine the biggest singers of all time featured in your own private music festival that Grandma, Grandpa, AND the kids can actually enjoy together.

Listen for yourself.

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We're excited to offer four unique experiences designed to elevate your wedding or event.



The Ultimate Experience

The Signature Experience

Where sheer elegance meets excitement. The EAB Ultimate Experience is perfect if you crave the "wow" factor.

Sophisticated and fun, The EAB Signature Experience offers a breathtaking show with a smaller footprint.



The Bespoke Experience

The Essential Experience

Energetic and sleek, The EAB Essential Experience has everything you need for an amazing dance party.

Design a Customized EAB Collection by working with our team to perfect your event's live music experience.

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"The Ever After Band was hands down the most exciting, rewarding and special part of our wedding – and the best decision we made. Rich had the best personality and seemed to much easier to work with than all the other bands we researched. He is a true musician with incredible vocal range, and Rich and his band work together like a family. And what you get is incredible, nonstop energy and talent. Every single one of our guests – of all ages – raved about them!"




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